April 2017: National Botanic Gardens Glasnevin, 4-6th April 2017

The BES Ecological Genetics Special Interest Group (affectionately known as EGG) meet every year and 2017 was their first meeting in Ireland. It was a strategic move from the organising team headed by Dr Gemma Beatty (Aberystwyth University) to expand their Irish membership. Keep reading...

I presented a poster with some of our simulation modelling. We parameterised the model using PLANTPOPNET demographic data to establish baseline effects of demography on genetic diversity. Our results show that 1) small changes in fecundity and survival within the observed range of P. lanceolata influence genetic diversity and 2) migration dilutes the effect of demography on genetic diversity. These results provide hypotheses for ongoing analysis of Plantago SNPs, which will ultimately reveal the demographic pathway through which the environment affects genetic diversity.

Click to see our poster and stay tuned for results from the real data... 



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